The world changes, and now, like never before, we should be especially careful about what we touch.
We bring to your attention disposable polyethylene gloves, which will protect you at any place.
Microbes around us
Whether you want it or not, you contact microbes!
  • Contact
    Every 30 minutes you touch approximately 300 different surfaces and consequently contact 840 000 microbes
  • Spread
    About 80% of harmful microorganisms are transmitted by hands
  • Survival
    Viruses can survive up to 72 hours on surface
  • Ignorance
    We collect microorganisms completely unaware
  • Touch
    Microbes can be transmitted to your loved ones
  • Cleanness
    It's difficult to keep your hands always clean
You can stop the spread of harmful microorganisms!

Disposable gloves

Perfect for work and everyday life
  • Protect you from microorganisms
  • When it's difficult to wash your hands
  • Protect you when in contact with money
  • Perfect for travelling thanks to it`s individual packaging
  • Safe contact with food
  • The most effective method to protect your hands