Thanks to their high durability, they are ideal for a wide range of activities, from domestic to industrial use.
Rubbish bag
It is a handy, versatile and durable packaging made from a material that is safe for the human health and does not emit odour or harmful substances. It is used at home, in catering establishments, in the office, at work, in production, and in construction. Sometimes garbage bags are used as temporary packaging for things. They can withstand quite a lot of weight and minor mechanical stress, do not leak, and do not allow unpleasant odours and moisture to pass through.
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Areas of application

UDPACK! rubbish bags are ideal for:
Small volume rubbish bags with both handles and ties are ideal for offices
Due to their high quality, the bags are less prone to tearing, which helps to retain moisture and odours. They are easy to use.
It is always convenient to put industrial waste in durable, high-quality bags. The wide range of large-size bags is perfect for solving a large number of production tasks.
It is convenient to put construction waste in durable bags that are difficult to tear. This is the feature that makes UDPACK durable garbage bags so special!
Cleaning services
For a cleaning company, quality, availability and assortment are important. UDPACK! offers all of this in industrial volumes.
Hospitality industry
Room service, cleaning and mopping are easy! Garbage bags keep out odours and liquids
Once you try UDPACK! products, they will become your reliable assistant every day!