Maintain freshness and perfect temperature of food easily!
Cold or warmth maintains for couple of hours. The temperature regime maintenance time depends on quantity of food inside the bag, ambient temperature, solar rays effect.

Thermal bag and thermal liner

Are perfect for
  • Keep warm
    Lunch for school or work? Keep baby formula during a walk, or spontaneous picnic in the park? Easy! With UDPACK! products.
  • Keep cold
    Comfortable for trip, on your way from the store to your house, to the country house, picnic in the park. Buy it in the summer and deliver straight to your home refrigerator fresh – easily!
  • Keep the scent
    If you are not ready to enjoy the scent of raw food – thermal bag/ thermal liner always come in handy
  • Maintains freshness
    Any food, vegetables, fruits will remain fresh longer
  • Useful for travelling
    Want to have a snack or protect food during the trip? Thermal bag/ thermal liner gives you more opportunities!
  • Medical supplies transportation
    Reliable container to transport medicine, resistant to temperature change.
Thermal bag is a reusable packaging, it can be easily reused (while maintaining the integrity of all layers). If used repeatedly, the package must be washed thoroughly.
The thermal bag/ thermal liner is perfect for ready-to-eat food and food delivery services
Due to the high quality of the materials from which UDPACK! products are made, it keeps hot food hot and cold food cold for a long time. And the beautiful exterior will only enhance the pleasant feeling of delivery!