Due to its high tensile strength and stretchability, TPE gloves are a fantastic alternative to polyethylene and vinyl gloves - perfect for a wide range of activities, including clinical events, food production processing and beauty industry applications.
Thermoplastic elastomer
The main difference between gloves and other models is that they are made of thermoplastic elastomer, which is a hypoallergenic and durable material. Safe for direct contact with food.

Scope of application

The new generation TPE gloves are perfect for:
Due to the unique TPE material, the gloves hug your hands perfectly without interfering while food preparation. Perfectly conveys tactile sensations.
Ensuring the required level of hygiene. They do not tear like polyethylene and stretch better than vinyl. By stretching the cuffs, the gloves can be securely fastened to the wrist.
TPE gloves will be a true helper in the beauty industry. Suitable for hair coloring, haircuts, curling hair; manicure and pedicure.
Non-aggressive household chemicals
UDPACK! gloves are odor- and water-proof, are steady against household chemicals. Will be the perfect helper during cleaning!
Domestic use
Need to wash the car, clean up after your pet or just have a snack on the road? TPE gloves from UDPACK! will always protect your hands!
Service sector
Room service and cleaning is easy! TPE material is strong and elastic. Does not absorb odors, is moisture-proof
It is worth trying TPE gloves from UDPACK! at least once - and they will become your reliable assistant in everyday life!
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